Nov 21, 2021

Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is There Is Freedom...

Last Sunday while in church we were singing "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There Is Freedom and as I looked around I could feel the Spirit of God in the room and I could see Him manifesting through everyone around me, including myself. As I stood swaying back and forth dancing with a smile on my face and in my heart I could feel such a freedom that is beyond anything that could ever be described. The worship leader danced around the stage, another on the worship team danced and clapped while having her own moment with Jesus. Meanwhile in the congregations we were jumping up and down, clapping, singing, and raising their hands to the Lord in praise. However, there was one person who really caught my attention.

Word of Knowledge - A word of knowledge is when God supernaturally imparts comprehension of a current or past situation to you that you would not otherwise know. The word of knowledge is one of the revelatory gifts and has been known to manifest with a sense of urgency.

 A week prior a word of knowledge was given that someone was contemplating suicide that morning. I noticed one man in particular that many people gathered around to pray for and I assumed the word was in reference to him. I could see he was down and going through something that day. However, this past Sunday I watched him jump, praise, and shout to the Lord... because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom!

This past week I had my online grand opening for Grace On Display and there were a few nights I wanted to work on designing more products and uploading them to my website...however God had other plans for me. On Wednesday he told me to start praying for people. A few months ago while in prayer I was telling God how I was worried about some of my loved ones in particular because I feel they either don't know Jesus, don't believe in Him, or have strayed away and it was in that moment He told me I needed to start speaking up. In the days that followed I reached out to every one of 485 people on my Facebook at the time and said a prayer for them, hoping to open their eyes. For a moment I considered the reactions I would get but decided I'd rather upset them then disobey God. The response was mind blowing. So many were thankful for that prayer and received it at just the right moment. 

At that point I began my prayer journal. I wrote down every person's name that asked for continued prayer and wrote down their needs. Then God began to show me how to pray for those people. He told me to write down scriptures pertaining to each one of their needs and decree and declare it over them as I prayed for them. You see the Bible is the living Word of God and in it, it tells us that God watches over His word to make sure it is performed. My journal has grown over the past couple months and even more so in the past few days. 

I began sending messages out to everyone on my Facebook (until FB blocked me) and asked if each person had any prayer requests. I literally had hundreds and hundreds of people respond. The world needs Jesus and there is power in prayer! I spent hours and hours each night in the midnight hours praying over each person. I'd write them a personal prayer which flowed out of me straight from the Holy Spirit. Some people weren't specific but the Holy Spirit would tell me what to pray. 

I have testimony after testimony of how God has worked in the lives of those I've prayed for. You can actually find some of them on my Testimony page here on my website. 

One in particular...a man I had reached out to told me he was a new believer in Christ and asked me to pray for his living situation and his children. I did. I lifted him up in prayer the way I was taught to do and a few hours later I got the following message from him. 

Thank you! The craziest thing just happened. I'm 127 days sober off a long time herion/meth addiction. I give all the thanks to God for my new found sobriety. I never would have been able to do it on my own, but He has blessed me an amazing support group in my brothers & sisters in Celebrate Recovery. So I started a new job a couple weeks ago. It's the 1st job I've had in a few years & is a very physically taxing job. Ever since I've been waking up multiple times a night & my hands are so sore I can't even make a fist, can hardly even text they hurt so bad. Last night/this morning was the worst they've hurt yet, but right now they only hurt a little. You didn't mention anything about healing in that prayer you sent me but you did rebuke Satan. I dont know what happened when I read your prayer but I do know my hands haven't felt this good in weeks! & I almost didn't even respond to your message because I thought u were one of them BOT accounts that just randomly messages people, trying to lure them in so they can scam $. Thank you. People keep telling me about the power of prayer & I believe it now more than ever. Praise God & thank you!

Glory to God! Praise Jesus!

I want to end with this... our world is in trouble. The only one who can heal our land is Jesus Christ. 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us "If my people who are called by name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn away from their wicked ways, I will hear them from Heaven and I will heal their land." 

Jesus wants to change every one of your lives. You would not believe the supernatural lifestyle I have been living because I have been obedient and I have faith. What He's been doing for me and just like He changed that mans life in the testimony above, He will do for everyone of you. But it's a lifestyle... and once you decide to live that lifestyle, the Holy Spirit changes your life and it's not a hard thing to do! But you have to want it. 

I pray that everyone has a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless everyone of you!

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May God bless you!

Holly W <3


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