July 2, 2022


While on my way home from Tuesday night service at my church on October 19, 2021 I decided to stop by the Waffle House to grab something to eat. It was completely unlike me to go in and sit down at a restaurant alone, however, I didn't feel like getting fast food and this was my only option. While waiting for my take out to finish I began chatting with the waitress named Gina. She had commented on my "Jesus did it" shirt I was wearing and that opened up the conversation. I wasn't there long but as I was leaving she looked at me and said "Come back and see me sometime".  The following Tuesday on my way home from church I did just that...and the following Tuesday after that and the one after that too. It had become my Tuesday night ritual to stop by and grab a bite to eat while chatting with Gina and the cook Jamie. 

When I would go there we would talk about Jesus almost the entire time. Before I knew it, Gina had become my best friend and we began spending time together outside of my visits to the Waffle House. I became friends with her daughter and her mother also and when we needed some "girl time" the four of us would go to Bingo together. 

In November something kept telling me to introduce Gina to a friend of mine (at that time) and it turned out he had connections in her hometown of this little town in Georgia. Surely, that was no coincidence. 

I'm introducing Gina to you now because she plays a huge part in future blog posts that are soon to come! In addition, she has played a huge part in many different ways in my life since I've relocated to Florida. 

In March I moved about forty-five minutes away from where I had been living and my trips to the Waffle House dwindled. Gina was still a part of my life but I wasn't seeing her nearly as much as I had before. During this time I began to fall into a spiritual pit and my relationship with God slowly faded in and out. God used Gina to speak to me, open my eyes, and pull me out of that pit. She had no clue what was going on in detail but she kept telling me...Holly you need to get people from your church to start praying for you. God is telling me something is not right with you and you need prayer. Boy was she ever right. Had she not spoken up who knows how much longer or further I'd have fallen. I took her advice and before I knew it I was headed back in the right direction. 

Last weekend I went out of town and Gina went with me. She had told me often of her aunt who was a spirit filled woman and she had taken her to her first spirit filled church as a child. She had received news years ago that her aunt had passed away but something inside her kept telling her it wasn't true. While we were in the area we went looking for her aunt. Sure enough she was very much alive but sadly she has some type of dementia. For being a woman in her mid 90's I'd say God has surely blessed her. We visited with her aunt for a little while and listened to her speak of different stories that were not of the present, but possibly of times past. It was clear she was very confused about many things. We started talking about Jesus and her aunt began singing an old church hymn. I had never seen this before and was quite amazed...but then the Holy Ghost showed up and Auntie began speaking in tongues and the glory of God manifested as the three of us began praising Jesus in the room of the nursing home. 

You know...as I sat at my desk the morning I was leaving Pennsylvania, I was heart broken and crying to God. Leaving my friends and family behind was not easy but I heard Him say to me "I need to remove you from everyone you're around before I can bless you or you will give all your blessings away to them." As hard as it was to leave them all behind...what God brought me into was so much greater. In this case at point...Gina is a true best friend, we help each other grow and hold each other accountable, she has played such a huge role in events that have already transpired and I know she's going to play a HUGE role in things to come! I'm excited and look forward to sharing more about what God's been doing in our lives but it's not until He gives me the green light to go!

 I love each and every one of you and pray God blesses you.  If you'd like to receive new blog post notifications you can subscribe. If you'd like to leave a prayer request or a testimony please feel free to do so.

May God bless you!

Much love,

Holly W <3

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