Aug 19, 2022

There's Another In The Fire...

Yesterday while spending time with a couple friends and catching up, I was telling them of a recent encounter I had. One of them said "Holly, you always seem to get into the craziest situations". When she said that I immediately thought back to someone else from my past who had said the same thing and I began to realize just how true it was. 

In that moment, I began to see from God's view looking down at myself. I seen myself walking along a path aligned with fire and things of the darkness all around me, however, the path I I was walking on was brightly lit and nothing was touching me or affecting me. It's as if I was just walking along minding my business and wasn't even noticing anything that was surrounding me. I feel I have had many encounters similar to this throughout my lifetime. 

There have many many times I have found myself in dangerous situations, however, while in the middle of it I had no clue. It was just another normal moment for me, but looking back later I realized just how serious the encounter was. I can think of a few times I've had just in the past 10 1/2 months I've been here in Florida. I'm going to share a couple with you. 

When I moved to Florida, I arrived in Destin, not knowing where I was going. I rented a room at a hotel for a week and while I was there I encountered a woman in the hotel lobby. I talked to her for a bit later that evening and later discovered she was homeless. She had proposed an idea to me that we share a room and split the costs to save us both money.  I agreed to help her out. After spending a small amount of time with her that week I realized there was something off with her. She spoke of God but there were certain things that just didn't add up to all! We shared a room for two days and that was enough for me. Sunday was my last day and God had led me to my new temporary home. I had moved in and a few days had passed when a moment came that I was stretching and happened to come across a small scratch/scab on the back of my neck. I had no clue where it came from and Holy Spirit revealed to me (in the form of a thought) this woman I had just shared a room with had cut me in my sleep. I wasn't sure if it was my imagination at that moment but kept it in the back of my mind. 

A few months passed and I encountered this woman again. She had asked me if she could go to church with me. I wasn't sure but prayed about it and "no weapon formed against me shall prosper" came to my mind. So I picked her up and took her to church. While on the drive there she looked at me and said "I've never met anyone who's so protected by the Holy Spirit as you are". I found that comment odd, how would she know just how protected I am? 

Once we arrived she sat her bag of stuff on the chair next to me then went to "mingle". Who was she going to mingle with? She knew no one but I just let it go. Service started and she was no where to be found. Then I spotted her standing against the wall in the front of the church next to one of the camera men right behind my pastor. What was this woman doing??? Holy Spirit immediately began to reveal to me that she was casting witchcraft. Oh Lord! What had I done? I brought a witch to church with me!!! Sure enough, that's exactly what I did and people knew it...including my pastor. 

When we left I couldn't wait to get her back to her destination and get her out of my car. She tried so hard to convince me to spend the afternoon with her but there was no way that was happening. On the ride home Holy Spirit started bubbling up out of me and I found myself praying in tongues a good portion of the ride home. 

A month or so later I was on a zoom prayer call with a few ladies I've joined up with from back home in the New Jersey area. They don't know a whole lot about me and I definitely hadn't shared anything with them regarding what was going on with me since I'd relocated to Florida. One of the ladies in the group is a seer which means she can see into the spirit realm. She confirmed to me that this woman had cut me and described the details to me. She was trying to put a curse on me...but it didn't work because no weapon formed against me shall prosper!

Another encounter happened in March. I had gotten a trip to pick up a couple about a half hour away from me. When I arrived I found out they wanted to go to Miami. What a blessing... this was an eight hour trip that paid about $1500. It was an odd situation and I was a bit uncomfortable at first. I picked them up and they wanted to pay with cash. This was not going to happen...what if they tried to rob me? I made them pay with credit card up front. Once the ride began I tried to make small talk with them to ease the awkwardness but the man spoke no English and the woman had no desire to conversate with me. Thank God they fell asleep for the first three to four hours of the ride. 

We stopped so they could use the bathroom and get something to eat and I began to notice that every where they went the man carried her purse...even into the bathroom. At one point I heard in their conversation the woman mention "Pennsylvania". That was odd. I somehow got to talking to her for a few minutes and me being who I am began talking to her about Jesus. She told me that she was very spiritual herself and started to tell me some things about myself including that I'm from Pennsylvania and I had a career in the transportation industry. What? I strongly didn't feel that Holy Spirit was revealing that to her and it boggled my mind for quite some time. 

Some other odd things happened throughout the ride, including that they claimed to be in the area on business with a friend and the car broke down, yet they had no luggage and looked like they had slept at the Burger King I picked them up at. When we arrived in Miami I was taking them to her office where she owns her own business as an accountant but she had no clue how to get there and didn't even know what the building looked like. Everything about the whole situation was a bit odd but I'm very naïve at times and don't realize things right away.

I kept hearing "the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous" and eventually concluded they were drug dealers. He was more than likely carrying her purse everywhere because it was loaded with drugs. She was getting her information about me from familiar spirits I'm sure because I know God wasn't revealing those things to her. I couldn't figure out why they would spend so much money to take an eight hour trip in a taxi when they could have easily rented a car for much cheaper or taken a bus/train/plane. Here I was transporting drugs and demonic people in my car, yet God was protecting me as I traveled along that path, unaware of all the evil surrounding me. 

Another situation that I'm not going to go into much detail about... I spent a short amount of time living in a house where drugs were strongly present and demons were everywhere. It was not a good situation and even though I couldn't sense the darkness while I was there I knew I was being drained of my anointing and from being in the presence of God. My best friend later told me of many possible things that could have happened to me that she was very afraid of, however, once again God protected me.

Last Sunday I got a call from a Spanish speaking gentleman asking for a ride for 6 individuals to the laundromat. They lived very close and it was going to be two 5-10 minute rides there and two rides back to accommodate everyone and I was going to make $60. Even though this was quick money I really was feeling lazy and didn't want to do it. I was on the phone with my significant other when the call came in and he didn't want me to take the ride. He was getting a very bad feeling about it. I thought it was just me being lazy and ended up doing it anyhow. 

I pulled up to a nice sized piece of property with a very nice house, multiple expensive SUV's in the driveway and two big work vans. None of this phased me. Five Mexican men came out with a laundry basket, a garbage bag, and three blue storage bins with lids on them. We put a couple things in the trunk but a couple of the bins weren't going to fit. I didn't want any of them sitting up front so I quickly took the bins right out of their hands and stacked them in the front seat. I noticed they were really light and thought it was odd that they carry their laundry in that container with a lid on it. They insisted that they hold them in the back with them (which was impossible). I dropped them all off and then went to pick up my friend and her husband and we went to dinner. 

While we were at dinner one of the men called and said they were ready. Amanda (my friend) insisted that her and her husband ride along with me. We got there and picked up two of the men and a few of the bins. On the ride home one of them asked me what it would cost to take five of them to California. No way.... that would cost a fortune, I have no desire to drive to California, especially with a car full of men that spoke absolutely no English. 

When we pulled up to the house one of the guys got out and unlocked the huge gate and I noticed he was picking spike strips up off the ground. I thought that was really odd but it still didn't register with me. We went back to get the other three and Amanda made sure to get the payment before allowing them in the car. Turns out they weren't going to pay me because they were scuffling for the money. 

I am not accusing anyone of anything but let's just get this straight... five foreign men who live in a very expensive house with multiple expensive vehicles and have a locked gate with spike strips needed a ride to the laundry mat and are seeking a very expensive ride to the other side of the nation in a taxi. Who knows what was in those bins but they were very uneasy when I was handling them.... and here I am unaware of what's going on, grabbing them from their hands and just loading them up in my front seat. 

I wasn't just being lazy and my man wasn't just being over protective...God was trying to prevent me from being in this situation. Even though I didn't listen and I did end up in the middle of it, God put Amanda and Josh beside me to help protect me. 

So as you can see... I do somehow end up in a lot of crazy situations, walking through the middle of the fire, however, I am not in that fire alone. There's another in the fire, and even though in my vision I couldn't see Him physically walking beside me, I could see that Jesus was there protecting me. Though the area surrounding me was filled with darkness, there was a wall of fire surrounding me and the light that comes only from Jesus was lighting up my path. 

God is no respecter of person and what He does for one, He will do for another. I pray that should you ever find yourself surrounded by darkness or in the middle of the fire, you remember this post and cry out to Jesus. Though he may not remove you from the situation, He will surely get in there with you and protect you to get you through it. 

I love you and I pray this has blessed you in some way.  If you'd like to receive new blog post notifications you can subscribe. If you'd like to leave a prayer request or a testimony please feel free to do so.

May God bless you!

Much love,

Holly W <3


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