31, 2021

Waffle House #674, Destin, FL... 

I haven't been to many Waffle House's in my days, but let me tell you there is something special about this one. 

Two weeks ago on my way home from church on Tuesday night I was hungry and wanted to grab dinner to take home. As I made my way down the strip of of Highway 98, I pondered what I would stop to get. Burger King was closed and I didn't really feel like eating Taco Bell. I didn't want fast food anyhow and was seeking something more filling. I ended up stopping at the Waffle House which happened to share a parking lot with the Village Inn hotel I had stayed at for a week upon arriving in the area. 

I noticed I was the only customer as I entered. I sat at the counter and as I looked at the menu the waitress made a comment about liking the shirt I had on. It was one I had made that had a Nike sign with three crosses in it and it said "Jesus Did It". I made small chat with the two waitresses while deciding to order the Chicken Hashbrown Bowl with a piece of chocolate pie to go. It was shift change and as the cook came behind the counter he looked at me and mentioned he liked my shirt also. Wow....the people working here were just my type of people... Jesus people!

While I was waiting for my food a customer smelling strongly of alcohol entered and sat next to me. This made me uncomfortable a bit but I began to relax as I began to talk about Jesus to him. He had come to Destin on vacation to get away. He had been sober for five years and had started drinking a few days ago while hanging out at the hotel trying to get a break from his problems back home. I remember saying to him.... what if God led you to Destin for this divine moment that we would meet so I could pray for you and the issues you are going through! He was quite the gentleman honestly and made every attempt to pay for my dinner. As I headed out he asked me to keep in touch and the waitress told me to come back and see her sometime. 

I had exchanged phone numbers with this man and that Friday he asked me to go to dinner with him as friends. I agreed. As I sat waiting for him at the Waffle House I engaged in conversation with another one of the waitresses and we talked about Jesus. I had never been around so many people in one location who so boldly proclaimed their love for Jesus....except at church! Dinner was nice and this man even stopped to make sure we prayed before eating. 

This past Tuesday night I was headed home from church once again and decided to stop by the Waffle House and have dinner. Again it was shift change and the place was empty. As I sat at the counter looking over the menu once again another man came in and sat down a couple seats down from me. We both ordered and dined in. He sat minding his business while I chatted with the the cook and the waitress about my journey I was on and about my relationship with God. I was telling them how He instructed me to leave everything behind and move to Destin and how He aligned me with an amazing church. The young man got up and came over standing next to me to pay for his food. He turned and looked at me and said "I wasn't trying to eavesdrop but I couldn't help hearing your conversation. A year ago the Lord did the same exact thing with me, He had me leave everything behind and move here and I you would not believe how He has provided for me. Keep doing what you're doing and following Him". Wow!!!

Isn't it amazing how the Lord places you at the right location at the exact right moment. I continued to talk to the waitress and I was telling her I feel the glory of the Lord was upon this place. She told me someone else recently had said the same thing to her. 

I've been blessed the majority of my life with amazing career opportunities and never worked in the hospitality field. But I'll tell you what... I have a desire to get a part time job at this Waffle House just so I can share the love of Jesus with everyone who comes in there. If you ever find yourself in Destin I strongly encourage you to stop by here for a meal and check it out for yourself. 

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I pray that God blesses you abundantly and your week is filled with joy and love! 

May God bless you!

Holly W <3

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